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It’s time to consider public power

City Council of Klamath Falls recently completed an investigation on forming a municipal utility district to provide electricity to city residents. Projected savings to residents is significant. Over time, our community would save more than $64 million dollars over the 12 year study period, adding 560 full time jobs, equivalent to a large manufacturing facility relocating here.

Here’s how:

  • Bonneville Power Administration has a limited supply of Tier 1 low-cost preference power. Once Tier 1 power is allocated, the cost of buying power from BPA will increase.
  • Pacific Power’s franchise with the City of Klamath Falls expires at the end of the year, making it an opportune time to make the transfer.
  • Taking time and spending money to vote on this measure will likely mean BPA’s Tier 1 low-cost power would no longer be available, eliminating the financial savings to the community.
  • By Oregon State law, Klamath Falls has the legal right to own and operate an electric utility; no vote is necessary.

About this site

This site provides Klamath Falls’ residents with more information about public power and how the City is investigating its options. 

Klamath Falls Electric - Be Independent